How to choosebest headphones under 100?

headphones under 100
Music is one of the major sources of entertainment. Television, radio, iPods are various sources of listening to music. However, high-end Smartphone with high storage capacity has given people access to millions of songs. Smartphone have also popularised the use of headphones. Now a day you can see many people walking around the road putting on their headphones. This has also evolved as a trend to put on headphone around the neck.

How headphones evolved

Headphones originated from a device called earpiece. Before amplifiers were developed, earpiece was the only medium to listen to electrical audio signals. Nathaniel Baldwin developed the first ever head in 1910.

Working of a headphone

The working of a headphone is similar to that of a speaker. The only difference is the size of speakers in both the cases. There is a plastic present in front of speaker. The outer covering is joined to the rim and inner part is joined to the coil. The signal enters through the cable and at the same time the inner coil is changed into a magnet and hence moves up and down and this vibration in air produces sound.

Why budget of headphones differs?

There are several headphones present in today’s market. Depending upon various specifications the types are made and this is the reason for the difference of price. Headphones with good quality have higher price but it’s possible to find the best headphones under 100.

Use of headphone

Headphone can be used for variety of purposes. Some of them are listed below –

  • Listening to music.
  • DJ mixing.
  • gaming

Above are the lists of common applications of headphones. Apart from these, it can be used in CD players, DVD etc.

Branded headphones

Today when you visit the market, you will find various types of headphones based on their price starting from very low range to medium range than to highest range. These headphones differ in their brands, the sound quality they provide. Quality of sound depends on the impedance and resistance of the headphone.

Advantages of headphones

The different advantages of headphones are as follows –

  • Prevents other people from hearing private talks.
  • Provides greater fidelity than headphones.
  • It also enhances our gaming experience.
  • It helps to avoid holding the phone in our hands while calling.
  • Every Smartphone has some SAR value, using of headphones during call prevents us from getting affected with this SAR value.

Dangers and volume solutions

As there are two faces of every coin, similarly technology also has a positive and a negative side. Some of the demerits of using headphones are listed as follows –

  • Excess use of headphones affects our hearing ability.
  • Music in headphones can distract the listener and lead to dangerous situations.
  • Noise cancelling headphones are very effective. It can prevent a person from listening to the oncoming traffic.

So at last, I want to say that like every technology headphones also have their advantages and disadvantages. However, you as a consumer should adopt its advantages and try to prevent or avoid its disadvantages. So go and get yourself today.

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